Humane Officer Training History

Gina Jones
Baldwin County Humane Officer Training History

Hired at the Bay Minette Police Dept.: August 2001
2001 State of Alabama Animal Control Rookie of the year
2001/2017 Alabama Animal Control Association Member
2002 Bay Minette Employee of the Month (April)
2003 until August 2017, City of Bay Minette Cruelty Investigator
2001-2004 Animal Control, Code Enforcement and School Traffic Control
2004/2010 Alabama Humane Federation Member
2005/2007 Animal Control/Humane Federation Legislative Committee for the State
2007 Certificate of Appreciation from BARC
2008 Certificate of Appreciation from the Bay Minette Police Chief
2008/2010/2013 American Humane Association's Euthanasia by Injections
2009 Started a Feral Cat Intervention Program for the City of Bay Minette
2009 Chiefs Commendation for my outreach programs:
2009 July-Sept Employee of the Quarter Bay Minette Police Department
2009 Alabama Animal Control Officer of the Year
Between 2009/2011, received $48,960 dollars from the Maddie's Program for the City of Bay Minette for Animal Control Equipment.
2010/2012 Board Member of SACA (Southeastern Animal Control Association)
2014 February, Received a $5,000.00-dollar Grant from Alley Cat Allies, Inc. for City of Bay Minette Feral Cat Intervention Program
July 2015 Received another $2,000.00-dollar Grant from Alley Cat Allies for our Feral cat program.
2017 Euthanasia by Injection Dr. Colichio DVM, Mobile, Alabama

Sept 2001- 8 hours of Chemical Capture Training
Nov 2001- 6 hours of Feral Cat Workshop Auburn University
Nov 2001/Feb 2004/Nov 2010- 20 hours Proactive Driving Program Skid Car system and Defensive driving course
May 2002 16 hours of Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center
April 2003, 14 hours Seminar on Feral Cats at the University of North Alabama
September 2003, 8 hours of Sexual Harassment, Violence in the workplace, Ethics and Team Building Skills
April 2003/April 2007/ - 64 hours of Alabama Animal Control Association Training Seminar Nov 2004 - 40 hours of Alabama Animal Control Level 1& 2 Auburn University Montgomery
Mar 2005 - 2-hour course, Respect and Positive Interaction in the Workplace
April 2005- 24 hours, Changing the face of Animal Sheltering in the South. Calhoun Community College
Aug 2006- FEMA Emergency Management Institute (ICS 100) and IS-00700 (NIMS)
April 2008- 24 hours, Code 3 Associates Animal Fighting Investigation and Awareness Training
Jan 2008- 40 hours National Cruelty Investigations Level 1Code 3 Associates
April 2008 - 32 hours of training at Jefferson State Community College on Blood Sport Certification, Wildlife Solutions, Federal Laws Pertaining to Animals.
April 2008 - 4 Hours Ritual Crimes and the Occult and Sanitary Solutions for Shelters.
April 2008 - 4 hours of Dog Bite Prevention and Reporting and Disaster Planning and Transporting.
April 2009 - Faulkner State Community College 8-hours of Working with Wild Life, 4 hours of Dog Bite and Dangerous Dog Investigations. 2-hours of Dog Fighting and Gang Violence.
April 2009 - ACVADV Law Enforcement 4.5 hours of Domestic Violence Against Women
Dec 2009 - 40 hours Supervisors Course Bay Minette Police Dept
June 2011-17 hours Law Enforcement Summit North Carolina: Stress Management, Dealing with Post Shooting Trauma, Law Enforcement Leadership, Law Enforcement Chaplaincy and Intervention Techniques, Law Enforcement Ethics.
July 2012 -10 hours of Emergency Management Institute (FEMA) NIMS IS-00704 course, NIMS IS-0072.a course, NIMS IS-00701.a find NIMS IS-00703.a
October 2012 - Auburn University 16 hours of Continuing Education Animal Control Training April 2013 - 32 Hours of (MCA) Continuing Education of Animal Control Training
November 2013 - 30 hours Code 3 Associates Colorado State University, Search & Seizure, Bio-Safety &
Zoonosis, Illegal Drug Labs, Small Animal Handling & Behavior, and Large Animal Handling & Behavior
January 2014 -32 hours Code 3 Associations Colorado Institute of Continuing Education of Animal Control & Aggressive Dogs and Handling
April 2015 - Animal Control Training Services, California (ACTS) 4- hours Interviewing & Investigation Techniques, 8 hours Tactical/Interpersonal Communication Training, 8 hours Officer Safety & Self Defense, and 4 hours Safe Handling of Aggressive & Dangerous Dogs
April 2015 - 32 hours of Animal Control Professional Development and Training Seminar (ACTS)
November 2015 - 35 hours of HSUS & AACA Continuing Education of Animal Control
January 2016 - 3 hours course Maddie's Institute; Stress Reduction for Shelter Dogs
April 2016 - 4 hours Continuing Education ACO 101, ACO Survival, Breeders & Hoarders, 3 hours Human Trafficking & Sex Trafficking of Minors, 3.5 hours Investigating Serious and Fatal Dog Attacks, 2 hours Alabama APHIS USDA Rabies and Wildlife and 3 hours Officer Shootings involving Dogs
May 2017 - AACA Training 4 hours Equine Investigations & Handling (hands-on), 7.5 hours Animal Behavior, Officer Safety, Canine Investigations & Animal Cruelty Taskforce, 7 hours Officer Shooting's Involving Dogs, and Handling of Exotic's & Reptiles.
June 2017 -12-hour course Alabama Law Enforcement Agency NCIC/CJIS Certification

Over 566 hours of Training through HSUS, ASPCA of the United States, Code 3 Associates in Colorado, Law Enforcement Training University of Missouri-Columbia Institute, ACTS, NACA, Jefferson State Community College, Faulkner State Community College, Auburn University, University of North Alabama and Calhoun Community College: On Aggressive Dogs and Handing, Wildlife/Rabies Handling, Large Animal & Exotic Handling, Investigations on Cruelty of Domesticated Animals and Livestock,

Animal Abuse with Cults and Rituals, Domestic Violence Related to Animal Cruelty, Officer Involved Shooting with Dogs, Investigating Serious Fatal Dog Attacks, Animal Behavior, Officer Safety,  Interviewing & Investigations, Chemical Capture, Feral Cat Workshops, Human Trafficking, Self Defense/Tactical Training, Blood Sport Fighting Investigations, Dog Bite Prevention and Aggressiveness, Dog Fighting and Gang Related Violence, Supervisors Course and Development, Dealing with Officer Involved Shooting and Stress Related Incidences, Shelter Stress and Development of the Animals, Kennel Cleanliness & Disease Control, Meth Labs/Animals Involved, Search & Seizure, Bio-Safety & Zoonosis, Small Drug Labs, FEMA Courses for Animals and Law Enforcement, Disaster Planning for Domesticated/Livestock, Alabama State Laws and many other Certifications.