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An important duty of the governing body of Baldwin County remains the statutory requirement to make appointments to ​various miscellaneous ​boards, ​planning (​zoning) ​boards, ​hospital ​boards (​authorities) ​and ​water, sewer and fire ​protection ​authorities or districts within the jurisdictional confines of Baldwin County, Alabama.

The requirements are prescribed either by Alabama General Law (Alabama laws relating to all counties in Alabama) or Alabama [Baldwin County] Local Law (Alabama laws relating only to one county or political subdivision of the state.

​Many of Alabama's General Laws or Alabama's [Baldwin County] Local Laws set forth certain requirements that a nominee must meet in order to be considered for, and appointed to, service on a ​board.  ​The Baldwin County Commission requires the Office of ​the County Administrator to compile information applicable to any proposed appointment to a ​board for review prior to a formal appointment.

Service on all ​boards requires devotion and remains a privilege and honor through which a citizen can be of service to their community.  To obtain information on any board, please contact Ronald Cink, County Administrator, at 251.580.2550 or email rcink@baldwincountyal.gov
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