Building Inspection Department

We are responsible for administering and enforcing all applicable building codes with regard to residential and commercial construction in the permitting jurisdiction of the unincorporated areas of Baldwin County, as well as providing assistance to our customers so that they may understand and meet the code requirements for their project.  In order to protect the health, safety and welfare of the citizens in the permitting jurisdiction of the unincorporated areas of Baldwin County, all construction must meet a series of requirements set forth by specific building codes. This includes new construction, additions to existing structures and remodeling. Both residential and commercial construction must meet these codes, and it is our job to enforce them.

The current codes adopted by Baldwin County Commission as of January 17, 2012 and will be enforced beginning January 17, 2012 are as follows:

International Building Code, 2012
International Gas Code, 2012
International Mechanical Code, 2012
International Plumbing Code, 2012
International Residential Code, 2012
International Energy Conservation Code, 2012
National Electric Code, 2011 for Commercial Buildings & residential Buildings containing more than two (2) dwelling units.
Baldwin County Supplemental Code for Residential Building in addition to the IRC 2012 code.

Local Wind Load code - 3 second gust winds: applicable to the 2012 IRC only

130 mph - South of I-10
120 mph - I-10 North to I-65
110 mph - I-65 North to County line

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