Appeal Information
2017 Appeal Information (2017 appeal period expired May 25, 2017)

Baldwin County Revenue Commission Mails Valuation Notices

The 30 day appeal period begins April 25, 2017, the date the Valuation Notices are mailed.  Any property owners not receiving a notice by mail can view their valuation information at 2017 Property Valuations

2017 Valuation Notice Press Release 

Filing an Appeal

Should property owners disagree with the Valuation Notice, they will have the opportunity, until May 25, 2017 to file an appeal.

Property owners that file an appeal will receive an appointment with a County appraiser as part of the appeal process. During the meeting with the County appraisers, property owners are encouraged to bring evidence that will support their appeal. Evidence could include recent appraisals, sales information on the subject or other similar properties, income and expense statements on commercial properties, surveys, photographs, etc. If the appeal is not solved with the County appraiser an appointment will be made with the Baldwin County Board of Equalization.

Learn more about the Baldwin County Board of Equalization