BRATS - Advertising Initiative

While searching for a way to increase revenue to assist with keeping fares low to the citizens, BRATS found that allowing businesses the opportunity to advertise on the BRATS vehicles was a victory for not only BRATS but for the business themselves. These rolling billboards have proven to be a great success with a minimal investment.

Rates for advertising vary due to the size, location and graphics of the advertising.

McNutt & Company, LLC has been retained to manage the advertising program for BRATS. Ads may be placed on the inside and the outside of the buses in limited formats. Proceeds from the placement of ads benefit the Baldwin County Commission, Baldwin ​Regional Area Transit System and the Citizens of Baldwin County. If you are interested in advertising with BRATS, please go to their website to get additional information, including pricing, availability and terms for the program.

View examples of advertising options here

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