Donating to Archives

General research materials

The BCDAH collects materials which assist researchers in answering questions about the history of Baldwin County and its people. We collect books, serials, dissertations and theses, county histories and family histories with a direct and predominant Baldwin County connection. We also may acquire clippings, leaflets, pamphlets, and other materials which relate to the history of Baldwin County and its people. These latter items are maintained in central information files by the Reference staff.

Genealogical materials

The BCDAH is not a general genealogical library, and our genealogical collection is limited. Our limited resources and diminishing storage capacity require us to be selective in the materials we acquire and maintain. Therefore, we give preference to items which include copies or transcriptions of original materials, such as wills, photographs, reminiscences, or correspondence--items which provide background information on the lives of Baldwin Countians. We actively seek to collect indexes to historical records to supplement our permanent collections.

If you would like to offer reference material to the Baldwin County Department of Archives and History, contact the Director, Felisha Anderson at