Return of the Blakeley Flag

Guarding the ColorsOn May 10, 2008 The Blakeley Garrison Flag was officially welcomed home to Baldwin County in  a ceremony held at the Baldwin County Central Annex in Robertsdale where the flag remains on display.  Members of the Baldwin County community as well as representatives of the Alabama National Guard and historical re-enactors from all over the region were on hand to dedicate the flag.

The return of the Blakeley Garrison Flag to Baldwin County was made possible by the generous contributions by Baldwin County residents and others devoted to the conservation and restoration of this regions wonderful heritage.  A special thanks to donors include:

Union Officer
The Military Order of Stars and Bars Headquarters, The Stephen R. Mallory Camp 1315 - Sons of Confederate Veterans, The Fort Balakeley Camp 1864 Sons of Confederate Veterans, The Charles S. Stewart Chapter 239 - United Daughters of the Confederacy, The Sons of Confederate Veterans - Colorado Division, The Military Order of Stars and Bars - Major Chatham R. Wheat Chapter 297, the 21st Alabama, Robertsons/Dents Battery, James Mitchell, Ernest Mitchell, Chris Mitchell, Kit Caffey, Terry Smith, George Carlson, Steve Phillips, Henry Skinner, Alan Rowe, Sara Ragsdale, Howard W. Whitted, Charles Bradford, James Houghton, Tom Newsham, Lawrence, McAdams, Leslie O'Gwin, R.L. Smith, Aubrey Yarborough, Harold Koons, Joe Hendrickson, Paul Przyborski, Shane Prince, Tom McMillan, John McMillan, George R. Smith, Michael Shipler, William G. Patterson, Shirley A. Patterson, Andie Meyers, Linda Wending, John P. Meyers, Royal D. Meyers, David Meyers, Tom Millette, Harold Biggs, Lynne Biggs, D. Harold Biggs, Fannia Pursley, Jimmie McCullough, Mike Gentry, Allen Daniels, Jim Cooper, Sue Cooper, Adam L. Till, Ken Underwood, Helen Underwood, Sharon Marsh, Thomas Rhodes, A. Lee Swetma, Mrs. Taylor Wilkins