Twin Beech Road Sidewalk

This project will complete the much-needed connection between Business 98 (Greeno Road) and Scenic 98 by extending the sidewalk along Twin Beech Rd (County Road 44) from Heard Road west to Scenic 98. The west end of the sidewalk will link to the Eastern Shore Trail (along Scenic 98).  Running from the Causeway to View Point and provides access to a growing business center at Twin Beech Road and Scenic 98 and surrounded by beach-front parks, walking trails, public fishing, swimming, restaurants, and hotels, the project will also serve the residents of Twin Beech Community, who are employed by surrounding businesses.

On the east end, the sidewalk will connect with the existing sidewalk which provides a safe walking or biking route for school children (attending Fairhope High School, the Alternative School, and Fairhope Middle School) as well as access to businesses on Greeno Rd./ Business 98.