Baldwin County Citizen Service Call Center

Contact Us

For assistance, please call the Citizen Service Center and speak with a (CSR) Customer Service Representative:

 251.937.9561 - North Baldwin County
 251.943.5061 - South Baldwin County
 251.928.3002 - Eastern Shore of Baldwin County

The Baldwin County Commission strives to provide citizens with the best customer service possible. Please let us know if you were exceptionally satisfied or dissatisfied with any service or call you made to the Citizen Service Center by email.

Please include an address, phone number, name and/or email address, so we can verify the nature of the call.  Your anonymous comment or complaint is also welcome.

The Baldwin County Commission's A to Z Guide to Government may also answer your questions. Please view and/or print a copy of the A to Z Guide to Government. If you CANNOT view the A to Z Guide, you may not have Adobe Reader installed on your computer.