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The Planning & Zoning Department's ListServ is an e-mail distribution list designed to give the public access to the department's news and information. Once subscribed, users will receive via e-mail, the department's agendas for upcoming Planning Commission and Board of Adjustment meetings, action reports and various other news and information. The Planning Department works closely with the Permitting Division and since the Planning Commission has combined the monthly Subdivision meetings with the Planning & Zoning meetings, users will also recieve information concerning Subdivision applications.

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In addition to the e-mail postings from the PlanningList, an RSS Feed of the list is also available.The RSS Feed is open to anyone, subscriber or non-subscriber, by visiting the link above. You can also subscribe to the feed or learn more about RSS Feeds by visiting the link above. The Feed will show an archived list of all postings from the PlanningList and updated information from the feed is automatically downloaded to your computer and can be viewed in Internet Explorer and other programs.

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