Guidelines for Special / Bulky Pickup


1.The policy limits a bulky waste pick up to a maximum of 6 tires or white goods per quarter.
2.Each resident may not request more than 2 bulky pick ups per quarter.
3.The size of the yard waste is limited to 2 cubic yards per household per pick-up and 2 pick-ups per billing quarter.
4.Your 2 Bulky Pick Ups per billing quarter are Free. Customers can have both 2 Bulky/White pick ups & 2 Yard Waste pick ups per quarter (90 days).


Bulky Waste – means furniture, appliances, mattresses, carpet and auto tires.
a. Limit of 6 tires per billing quarter (90 days).
b. Construction and Demolition Waste are NOT eligible.

White Goods – means refrigerators, ranges, water heaters, air conditioners and other large appliances.

a. Swing sets, fence wire and etc. do not qualify as household items and are not picked up.
b. Construction and Demolition Waste are not eligible.

Limit of Bulky Waste or White Goods – Total of 6 items per quarter (90 days)
(example: 6 tires or 6 mattresses or 6 chairs)
Rules allow for only 2 free pick-ups per billing quarter (90 days)

Yard Waste – means material resulting from landscape maintenance, including but not limited to grass clippings, leaves, twigs, etc.

a. Tree trunks or limbs over 2 inches in diameter are not considered yard waste.
b. Construction and Demolition Waste are not eligible.

Yard waste is limited to 2 cubic yards per household per pick up
Rules allow for only 2 pick-ups per billing quarter (90 days).

Bundled Waste and Bulky Waste

Cardboard material, which does not fit into a garbage can, shall be bundled. Bundles shall be bound securely together so as to avoid disintegration or spillage when lifted or moved.  Bundles shall not exceed 2 feet by 2 feet by 4 feet in size, and 50 pounds in weight. The Department strongly encourages that cardboard material be taken, by the resident, to the nearest recycle facility.

I have read the guidelines on this page and want to Request an online Bulky Waste Pick Up.

The Department will collect White Goods, Bulky Waste and Yard Waste from residential units on a call for service basis for no additional charge based on the policy outlined above. Contact the Baldwin County Solid Waste Department at 251.972.6878 to set up a date for pick up. Each residential unit may opt to bring quarterly approved bulky and yard waste to Magnolia Landfill, Bay Minette Transfer Station, or MacBride Landfill for disposal at no charge based on the policy outlined above. This service is provided for waste generated from the residential use of the property and does not include waste generated by home businesses. The residential customers account must be current to receive these services at no charge. If the residential customer is not current, they can still bring the items to the landfill and pay the normal scale fees to dispose of the item(s).

Should a residential unit in good standing choose to utilize the Baldwin County Solid Waste Department to pick up and dispose of additional approved materials, a service fee of $250.00 plus $5.00 per cubic yard based on 5 cubic yard increments with a minimum of 5 cubic yards and a maximum of 20 cubic yards will be charged to the requesting residential unit. Payment of setup fee ($275.00) must be made to the Department before service is rendered. Any requests over 20 cubic yards must pay an additional set up fee in advance.