A - Z Index to Baldwin County
  Name   Animal Evacuation/Shelter  

  Description   If you are a pet owner, it is important to have a disaster plan in place for your pets. The Alabama Department of Agriculture & Industries (ADAI) has worked closely with emergency management agencies and local, regional, and national humane societies to facilitate the local operation of regional shelters, listed below. ADAI will handle the oversight and management of the facilities; local, regional, and national humane societies will provide volunteers and resources; while the Alabama Veterinary Medical Association and Auburn University will manage the pets' healthcare needs at the shelters  

  Website   https://baldwincountyal.gov/departments/EMA/shelters/pet-shelter-information  

  Contact   https://baldwincountyal.gov/departments/EMA/shelters/pet-shelter-information/pet-shelter-contacts-and-locations