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The Baldwin County Highway Department is committed to constructing and maintaining the infrastructure under our control in a reasonably safe condition for travel.

This department is responsible for the administration, maintenance, and construction of over 1,600 miles of dirt, gravel, and paved roads.

The County is divided up into three (3) maintenance areas. Each area has a supervisor, assistant supervisor, office staff, and crews that are responsible for the day-to-day maintenance of the County maintained roadways in their respective areas. This includes the grading of dirt and gravel roads, pothole repairs, and removal of limbs and vegetation to maintain adequate sight distances.

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Area 100 Maintenance covers the northern part of the County.  This includes the areas north of I-10 (west of State Highway 59) and north of Truck Trail 17 (east of State Highway 59).
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Area 200 Maintenance covers the central and western part of the County.  It includes the area south of I-10 (west of State Highway 59) down to County Road 36, the west side of County Road 36, the west side of Fish River, and south of Truck Trail 17 (east side of State Highway 59) down to County Road 36/Blackwater River.
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Area 300 Maintenance covers the southern part of the County including the Fort Morgan peninsula.
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