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Welcome to the Office of Board of Registrars of Baldwin County, Alabama

The Office of Board of Registrars of Baldwin County, Alabama ["Board of Registrars"], remains the primary public entity which provides for the administration of voter registration for citizens in Baldwin County, Alabama.

In Baldwin County, the Board of Registrars was established pursuant to the General Laws of Alabama, specifically §17-4-150 of the Code of Alabama 1975, and is composed of three (3) members of which one (1) serves in the Office of Chairman and two (2) serve in the Office of Registrar, respectively. Of the total three (3) members, the Governor of the State of Alabama appoints the Chairman of the Board of Registrars and the Auditor of the State of Alabama & Commissioner of Agriculture & Industries of the State of Alabama, each, appoints a member in the Office of Registrar.

Whether appointed to the Office of Chairman or Office of Registrar, according to applicable Alabama law, each citizen serving in such capacity must be a reputable and suitable person, a qualified elector (i.e. registered voter) and a resident of Baldwin County, Alabama.  Members of the Board of Registrars are compensated a total of $120 a day worked with $80 provided by the State of Alabama & $40 provided by the governing body of Baldwin County, Alabama [Baldwin County Commission]; furthermore, members of the Board of Registrars are entitled to reimbursement for actual expenses incurred in the official performance of their public duties (i.e. including, but not limited to travel mileage reimbursement).

The current Board of Registrars consists of the Honorable William Godbey, appointed by Governor Kay Ivey [(R)-Alabama], who serves in the Office of Chairperson, the Honorable Albert Lipscomb, who was appointed by Commissioner of Agriculture & Industries of the State of Alabama Rick Pate [(R)-Alabama]; and the Honorable Libby Franklin, who was appointed by Alabama State Auditor Jim Zeigler [(R) - Alabama].

As mentioned above, the Board of Registrars administrates voter registration in Baldwin County which remains a daunting task in a county which has experienced, and is currently experiencing, significant population growth [Baldwin County remains one of the top three fastest growing Alabama counties]. Further, the Board of Registrars is tasked with other important duties, pursuant to applicable Alabama law, which includes the perpetual maintenance of an up-to-date roster of registered voters in Baldwin County.

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