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District 39 Zoning Election
Proposed Planning District 39

Question concerning Absentee voting you can call - 251-937-0379

You can register to vote online at


View How to Apply for Absentee Voting for Upcoming Elections, includes directions for UOCAVA (Military & Overseas Citizens that don't have a current absentee ballot) Download Election Forms at:

Contact Baldwin County Democratic Party:
Baldwin County Democrat Party
  Jason Fisher - Chairman
251- 210-8343

Fairhope AL 36533
Amber Smith - Vice Chairman
Leslie Castro – Secretary
Nicole Love – Treasurer

Contact Baldwin County Republican Party:
Baldwin County Republican Party
Michael J. Hoyt - Chairman
PO BOX 1233
Foley, AL 36536
Benjamin Hughes - Vice Chairman
Tim Lower - Secretary
Sheila Rihner-Green - Treasurer
Kathy Morelock - Assistant Treasurer

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