A - Z Index to Baldwin County
  Name   Corrections Center  

  Description   The Corrections Center, formerly known as the County Jail, has been located on the same property in Bay Minette for 200 years.  Since 1970 the facility has been incrementally enlarged to the point today where approximately 700 inmates can be housed here.  

  Website   Visitation: https://sheriff.baldwincountyal.gov/divisions-details/correctionsdetails/visitation-rules-schedule  

  Contact   Emergency: 911
Inmate Information: 251.937.0361
Visitation: 251.580.2581

  Location   https://sheriff.baldwincountyal.gov/AboutUsDetails/adressdetails  

  Other   Arrest Search: https://sheriff.baldwincountyal.gov/home/arrest-search  

   Non - Emergency    https://sheriff.baldwincountyal.gov/home/report-a-crime