A - Z Index to Baldwin County
  Name   Judges, Circuit, District and Probate  

  Description   Carmen E. Bosch,
Jody W. Bishop, Circuit Judge
C. Joseph Norton, Circuit Judge
Scott P. Taylor Presiding Circuit Judge,
J. Clark Stankoski, Circuit Judge
Michelle Thomason, Presiding District Judge
William E. Scully, Jr, District Judge
Harry D'Olive Jr., Judge of Probate (view Probate website for details) 251.580.2596
Lyn Stuart, Supreme Court Judge 334.229.0700

  Website    http://baldwin.alacourt.gov/courts/  

  Contact   Bosch: 251.937.0235
Bishop: 251.937.0290
Norton: 251.937.0273
Taylor: 251.580.2570
Stankoski: 251.937.0237
Thomason: 251.972.8573
Scully: 251.580.1647

  Location(s)   Varies, see individual court locations, but may be at another location for court, check your paperwork.  

  Other   Lyn Stuart, Supreme Court Judge: 334.229.0700  

  Appeals   Civil Appeals: 251.937.4896