A - Z Index to Baldwin County
  Name   Sales and Use Tax / License Inspection  

  Description   The Baldwin County "Sales & Use Tax / License Inspection"  is responsible for the collection of Sales Tax, Sellers Use Tax, Consumer Use Tax, Lease/Rental Tax, Motor Fuel Tax, Wine Tax, Video/Rental Tax and Tobacco Tax and the enforcement of the State of Alabama/Baldwin County Business Licenses.  

  Website   https://baldwincountyal.gov/departments/sales-use-tax  

  Contact   251.928.3002 - Eastern Shore
251.943.5061 - South Baldwin
251.937.9561 - North Baldwin

  Location   22070 Highway 59 (view map)
Robertsdale, AL 36567
(Located in the Regions Bank
Building, First Floor)

  Other   If you would like to remit taxes to Baldwin County, simply download and fill out an application.