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Commission form of Government
(November 9, 2004 - Present)

 Beginning on November 9, 2004, the Baldwin County Commission will revert to the organizational setting as set forth by Act No. 239, 1931 Regular Session of the Legislature of Alabama, as amended, and as explained above at the subsection entitled "Commission form of Government (1931-1988)."  The reason for the foregoing remains that on September 3, 2002, the Federal Court issued a "Judgment" with such "Judgment" amended by an "Order," dated September 16, 2002, wherefore such instruments, collectively, and among other things, vacated the "Judgment and Injunction" issued on June 6, 1988, which requires the Baldwin County Commission operate pursuant to Act No. 239, 1931 Regular Session of the Legislature of Alabama.

 The primary effect of this reversion remains that the Baldwin County Commission will be composed of four commissioners to be elected by a vote of the entire county (at-large elections) to represent four geographically drawn districts. Importantly each of the four commissioners beginning their respective terms on November 9, 2004, ran for election by countywide vote as a resident of the district they wished to represent and will serve only a two year term commencing November 9, 2004, and expiring November 14, 2006; thereafter, commissioners will serve four year terms each.

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