Doing Business In Baldwin County

Did you mean? Doing Business WITH Baldwin County

Starting a Business: One of the most frustrating things to deal with as a new business owner is not knowing who to contact regarding the requirements of starting a business such as purchasing a business license, applying for sales, use or lease taxes and/or acquiring a Sales Tax Number which is required by businesses who need to purchase a stock of goods at wholesale for resale. We hope the following will provide helpful information for you as a new business owner.

Zoning Verification:
Whether you are building a new structure or using an existing structure for your new business or starting a home occupation, you will need to contact the Baldwin County Planning & Zoning Department for a Zoning Verification.

Business License:  To operate a business within Baldwin County, a State/County Business License may be required and can be purchased at any one of the four Judge of Probate Offices.

Sales & Use Tax:  If you plan to sell or lease tangible personal products in Baldwin County, a tax application is required.

At the end of each quarter, a "Free Taxpayer Workshop" is provided for new or existing business owners, read more . . .

Federal Employer's Identification Number
(FEIN): If you plan to have employees and will be withholding taxes read more . . .

General Information: You will also need to contact the municipalities in which you will be doing business. Each municipality has its own requirements regarding business license and sales & use tax. Continue to Baldwin County Municipalities to contact municipalities individually regarding its city or town's information.
Please Contact the Citizen Service Center for any of the Baldwin County Departments.