Eastern Shore Express

Travel On The Eastern Shore

Designated routing has been put in place on the Eastern Shore in order to accommodate the large volume of travel requests in Fairhope, Daphne and Spanish Fort. This Demand Response Route allows travel along the Eastern Shore through out the day Monday through Friday with multiple times of pick up and drop offs in the cities This route provides origin to destination transport. Reservations are required 24 to 48 hours in advance of travel.

The population of this area was increasing at a rapid pace and the need for assistance with traffic congestion was vastly visible as well as the area rising in popularity as a fabulous retirement venue for the aging citizens of the region.

  • Reservations are still required 24- 48 hours in advance of travel.
  • Failure to cancel will result in a trip charge.
Going Toward Fairhope
Pick-up Begins
Going Toward Spanish Fort
Spanish Fort 8:00 AM Barnwell
Daphne 8:30 AM Point Clear
Montrose 8:45 AM Fairhope
Fairhope 9:15 AM Montrose
Point Clear 9:30 AM Daphne
Barnwell 10:00 AM Spanish Fort
  11:15 AM Barnwell
Spanish Fort 11:30 AM Fairhope
Daphne 12:15 PM Montrose
Montrose 12:30 PM Daphne
Fairhope 1:00 PM Spanish Fort
Point Clear 1:15 PM  
Barnwell 1:30 PM  
Spanish Fort 4:00 PM Fairhope
Daphne 4:15 PM Montrose
Montrose 4:30 PM Daphne
Fairhope 4:45 PM
Point Clear 5:00 PM  Spanish Fort
Barnwell 5:15 PM  

Examples: Spanish Fort to Fairhope (North-South). Look for Spanish Fort in the left Column (South Bound). Check the times listed (11:30, 4:00). These are the times pick-up will begin in the Spanish Fort area. For return times available, check the right hand column (North Bound) for Fairhope and find return times (11:30, 4:00).