Residential Permit Requirements

Checklist to Apply for a Residential Building Permit: 
New Construction or Additions

Parcel Number – search online at, locate on the property tax bill, or contact local Revenue Commissioner office: Bay Minette 251-943-5611, Fairhope 251-928-3002, or Foley 251-943-5061

911 Address – must first have parcel number, then contact Baldwin County 9-1-1 at 251-947-5911 or request online at

Approved Land Use Certificate (LUC)
 - determine if property is zoned by contacting Planning & Zoning Dept (P&Z).
For un-zoned property that is not in a zoned area, a LUC is not required; skip this section.
For zoned property that is in a zoned area, apply for LUC with P&Z first. If zoned through Baldwin County P&Z, the review process may be faster if you submit both the LUC & Building Permit applications and all required documents to P&Z at same time. When P&Z Dept. completes their review, they will forward all documents to the Building Dept. Contact the appropriate Planning & Zoning district to apply for a Land Use Certificate:

  • Baldwin County Planning & Zoning: apply online at or contact Foley Office at 251-972-8523, ext 2807 or ext 7260 or Robertsdale Office at 251-580-1655, ext 7261
  • Town of Elberta Planning & Zoning Dept.: 251-986-6174 for Caryn Woerner
  • Town of Magnolia Springs Planning & Zoning Dept.: 251-965-9888, ext 4904 for Jenny Opal White
  • Town of Perdido Beach Planning & Zoning Dept.: 251-962-2200

Residential Building Permit Application – download at Must be completed and signed by the property owner of the owner's authorized agent/contractor.

Construction Plans – structural components and applicable wind-loads must be signed and stamped by a State of Alabama registered design professional

  • For un-zoned property, two (2) complete sets drawn to scale are required
  • For zoned property, three (3) complete sets drawn to scale are required to be submitted to P&Z with LUC application

Plot Plan or Survey - drawn to scale indicating footprint of proposed structure and existing structures (with dimensions), all setbacks from property lines, and distances from other structures on property, etc.

Culvert/Driveway Access Permit - confirmation that culvert is existing, has been applied for, is not required, or is not county maintained

  • For driveway located on state highway, contact Alabama Dept. of Transportation (ALDOT) at 251-937-2086.
  •  For a driveway located on any road other than a state highway, contact Baldwin County Highway Dept.:

Sewer Release or Health Department Release:

  • For sewer service, contact appropriate sewer utility provider for the property’s area to obtain sewer release.
  • For septic tanks, contact Baldwin County Health Department at 251-947-3618 or 251-937-6935 to obtain release.

Water Release - contact appropriate water utility provider for the property’s area, often called a tap fee receipt. If a well is proposed, water release is not required.

Name of Power/Electrical Utility Contractor

Use of Building and/or Storage Area– what will the building be used for and what will be stored in the storage areas?

Any additional documentation that has been deemed necessary by the Building Department.

For a structure located in a Flood Zone, the following additional requirements apply:

Temporary Benchmark (TBM) or Elevation Certificate – must be provided on a survey or statement signed and stamped by an Alabama registered surveyor

Finished Construction Elevation Certificate - must be signed and stamped by an Alabama registered surveyor, must be submitted and approved prior to scheduling a final building inspection

A Zone Requirements Acknowledgement Form – required only if structure will be located in an A, AE, AH, AO, or A-1 through A-30 Zones (excluding Coastal AE Zones and V Zones)

Coastal AE Zone or V Zone Certificate– required only if structure will be located in a Coastal AE Zone or a V Zone

Coastal AE Zone and V Zone Requirements Acknowledgement Form – required only if structure will be located in a Coastal AE Zone or a V Zone

For a structure located in a Floodway, the following additional requirements apply: 

"No-Rise" Certificate

The following additional requirements apply for certain locations or conditions:

ADEM Permit - for property located on Fort Morgan Peninsula beach front lot, contact Baldwin County Building Dept., Mindy Smith at 972-6837, option 3

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Incidental Take Permit (ITP) - for property located on Fort Morgan Peninsula, contact 251-441-5868 or 251-441-5181

Alabama State Lands Division Permit - for marine accessory (boathouse/pier/dock) built on any Baldwin County Waterways, contact 251-621-1216

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Permit - for marine accessory (boathouse/pier/dock) built on any Baldwin County Waterways and/or for property includes wetlands area, contact 251-690-2658

Additional Information: 

Permits may only be issued to the property owner or the owner’s authorized agent/contractor.

A Licensee Search is available on the State of Alabama Home Builders Licensure Board website at Additional information for property owners can be found at

Due to Baldwin County's response to COVID-19, the Building Department now offers the New Online Permit Applications website where you may apply for permits from the convenience of your office or home.

Choose the appropriate application and fill in the blanks on your computer, laptop, or tablet. Save the completed application as a document on your device. Make sure your changes are saved and showing up before uploading and submitted the document into the website.

Some permit applications require additional documentation that cannot be uploaded into the system (such as construction plans). While our office lobbies are still closed, you may drop off those documents at any of our three office locations. We have drop boxes available outside during normal business hours of Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm. Please make sure to leave your name and contact information with any documentation that you drop off.

Once your permit application has been reviewed and approved, you will receive an email notification for you to pay for your permit online.