S.E.E.K. Program

S.E.E.K. Program - (Senior Essentials Emergency Kit) The Baldwin County Council on Aging is preparing the elderly homebound and seniors who will be staying home or evacuating to a shelter with a Senior Essential Emergency Kit. These kits contain everything a senior will need in the event of a disaster:
  • Compact Shoulder Bag
  • Solar Thermal Blanket    
  • Rain Poncho
  • Metal Whistle
  • Antiseptic Wipes
  • Medical History/Emergency Contact List
  • I.D. Wristbands
  • Active participants will be contacted prior to June 1st each year to update their information and review their plans for the hurricane season. 
For Baldwin County Shelter Information CLICK HERE. This program emphasizes the importance of an evacuation plan, providing individuals with a packet containing personal information, emergency contacts, medical history and special needs. Participants in the SEEK program will be notified prior to an impending disaster/emergency to make certain they have a plan in place and all necessary supplies are in their kits; including their medications. If you or a senior you know is homebound or will be evacuating to a shelter, please contact the Council on Aging for more details.