Planning and Zoning Fees Schedule


The following fee schedule for the Planning and Zoning Department was adopted by the Baldwin County Commission on August 20, 2013. All fees are payable at the time of application, and no application will be processed until all applicable fees have been paid. Fees will not be refunded if an application is denied.




$500 for 20 acres or less, plus
$15 per each additional acre over 20 acres

Small Scale Planned Development / Final
Development Plan

$500 for 20 acres or less,
$15 per each additional acre over 20 acres

Large Scale PRD Conceptual Plan

$500 plus $10 per acre

Conditional Use


Special Exception


Zoning Variance


Highway Setback Variance


Appeal to Board of Adjustment



Land Use Certificate "Includes Applications for Wind Energy Conversion Systems (WECS) in the Zoned Planning Districts of Baldwin County".

(a) Residential
(b) Accessory Structure and related structures
(c) Commercial and Industrial
(d) Signs
(e) Land Disturbance

$25 per dwelling unit
$25 per structure
$25 per 1,000 gross sq. ft. floor area
$25 per sign
$25 per activity


Wind Energy Conversion Systems (WECS) – Unincorporated Baldwin County.

(a) Application Fee
(b) Variance
(c) Appeal to County Commission

$25 per structure


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