Baldwin County

Q. What do I do if I drop my insurance?
A. If you drop your insurance you are required to turn your plate in to your local tag office  within 30 days.

Q. Is there a fine for operating my vehicle without insurance?
A. Yes, the first fine is $200.00. The 2nd fine is $400.00

Q. How long to I have to register my vehicle after I purchase it?
A. 20 days, unless you have a dated temporary tag from the dealership. 

Q. Is there a penalty if I renew my tag late?
A. Yes, $15.00 plus interest.

Q. I just moved here from another state, can I register my vehicle with my out of state driver license?
A. Yes, as long as the driver license is valid.  

Q. Does my utility trailer have to be registered?
A. Yes, if you pull your trailer on the road, it must have a tag. (with the except of boat trailers)


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