Baldwin County High Speed Internet Demand Survey
Baldwin County Commission is working to find opportunities to provide the ability to access consistent high-speed internet to all residents and business of Baldwin County. The Commission will work alongside community advocates to determine the demand for internet in Baldwin County,  which will enable internet service providers to better understand opportunities available. This survey is the foundation for this effort, and we appreciate your support in taking five minutes to fill it out!

1.) What type of internet connection do you have at home?
2.) Which company provides your internet service?
3.) What are the primary reasons you use or would use the internet at home? Check all that apply.
4.) Are you satisfied with your current internet service?
5.) If a new or alternative high speed internet service were available to your home, would you be interested in acquiring it?
6.) If interested in purchasing new or alternative high speed internet service, how much would you be willing to pay per month for a new or alternative high speed internet service (average price for high speed is approximately $45)?
7.) If not interested in purchasing high speed internet access or new, higher speed internet service to your home, what are the primary reasons? (check all that apply)
8.) Please provide your contact information and check the boxes below that apply to when you are willing to let us use this information.
I would like to receive additional information and updates about this project.
I would be willing to sign a letter of intent to purchase new service, or a petition in support of grant funding to bring high speed internet to my community.
I would like my contact information shared with internet service providers interested in increasing service in the area.
Note: This question is optional. We will only use this information for the purposes you selected. This information will allow the project team and internet service providers to better understand the demand for internet and make an investment case.