Records at the Baldwin County Department of Archives and History can be found in the following formats:

  • Paper
  • Microfilm
  • Electronic
  • Video
  • Photographs
  • Biographies
  • Genealogy (In Progress)


Walter Overton, Doris Rich, Perry Zarr, Battleship Park, Davida Hastie, Claude Arnold, Des Sangster, Margaret Eubanks, Railway Express Agency, Raymond Scholl, Indian Records, Baldwin County Historical Society Quarterly’s and the Swift Coles Collections


Church, Schools, Photographs, Commission Meetings and Cultural

NEWSPAPERS (1890-2012)

Baldwin County Newspapers in many formats (Microfilm, CD and Hardbound Volumes) to include:  The Baldwin Times, The Fairhope Courier, The Onlooker, The Islander, The Eastern Shore Courier, The Independent Courier and the Bulletin.

The American Banner available on CD – Newspaper primarily written for the black community.  It was written and published by Stephen J. Boykin in his Douglasville home twice monthly from September 1899 through February 1902
Click here for a complete list of newspapers

CENSUS (1810, 1816, 1820,1830, 1850, 1880, 2016) Census of the Creek Nation taken in 1833



Land Records (1890-1950), Tax Books (1890-1979), Plat Books (1830-1979), Lot Books (1919-1979), Divorce Records (1960-1976), Historical Circuit Court Cases (Chancery Court, Civil Cases, Civil Disposed of Cases, Equity Cases) 



Birth and Death certificates - Alabama law did not require birth and death certificates until 1908. Those records, can be obtained by contacting the Alabama Department of Public Health at www.adph.org/vitalrecords/.

Alabama Department of Public Health
Alabama Vital Records
P. O. Box 5625
Montgomery, AL 36103

A few Alabama counties created birth and death registers between the mid-1880s-1930s. Check the Local Government Records Microfilm database - www.archives.alabama.gov/localrecords/search.cfm - for records available at ADAH.

Adoption records - If adopted in Alabama, adoptees can contact the Alabama Department of Public Health at www.adph.org/vitalrecords/index.asp?id=1567
for information on accessing their records.

Immigration and Naturalization records - There are many published sources of immigration records/passenger records and sources are also available on Ancestry.com and other online research services. 

Naturalization was a two-step process. After living in the U.S. for two years an individual filed a Declaration of Intent. Three years later a Petition for Naturalization could be filed. Naturalization records prior to the creation of the Immigration and Naturalization Service (I.N.S.) on September 27, 1906 are found in federal, state/county or municipal courts. ADAH has a limited number of naturalization records filed in county probate records. Check the Local Government Records Microfilm database - www.archives.alabama.gov/localrecords/search.cfm - for records available at ADAH.
For records after September 1906 contact the National Archives at www.archives.gov/genealogy/naturalization

Guide for Tracing Your American Indian Ancestry

Alabama Indian Affairs Commission
771 S. McDonough St.
Montgomery, AL 36130

U.S. Military Discharge records - DD214 - The ADAH has military discharge records (DD214) from the Selective Service Office for the years 1939-May 1975. Those records are restricted to the veteran or direct next-of-kin and can be obtained by contacting the research room at (334)-242-4435. For discharge records after May 1975 contact the National Personnel Records Center.

National Personnel Records Center
9700 Page Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63132

 Police records - Contact the police department or sheriff’s office in the town or county in which the incident occurred. 

School/Student records - Contact the local county board of education.


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