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We have historical documents that tell the stories of Baldwin county and its people.  These valuable records are evidence of our county’s experience.

Each year, our staff serves our visitors hundreds of documents, photographs, video and audio records, maps, and other items that we have preserved.  The materials are not for loan to the public but are available for you to use in-person at our facility.

Who Uses the Archives and Why?

Every year, hundreds of people contact us or come to our research facility and use our web site. Their purposes are many and varied. Here are a few examples:


Most people who come to the Archives to conduct research are genealogists or family historians. They are trying to find information about their ancestors to fill in their family tree or write a family history. They use census records to learn people's names, ages, and who lived where, when. They also check ancestry records.

Educators and Students:

Educators both current and retired frequently employ the Archives to develop primary-source, document-based lesson plans and to help bring history alive for their students. Many students use the archives for research projects.


Visitors come to the Archives to view historical documents and discover how they reflect our history. We also offer tours for school groups. 

Visitors are also allowed to access the research room computers to research their ancestry via the web at ancestry.com.

Personal Researchers:

Over the years, Visitors come to the Archives to see the map and land books.  They use these books to settle property and land disputes.

Museum Curators:

Museum curators develop displays based on research or fascinating discoveries from the Archives. Even hobbyists find the Archives useful.


Biographers, novelists, software developers, sometimes enlist the help of the Archives to make their books, more accurate and enjoyable.


Athletes enlist the help of the Archives in search of past newspaper articles. Coaches and friends document outstanding achievements of former athletes.  Their stories stand as testimony to the rich history that athletics play in the education of Baldwin County's students lives and of their pursuit of excellence both on and off the field.  Many visitors research our newspaper collections for personal recreation as well.


Historians visit the Archives to research information on major battles fought in Baldwin County to include but not limited to:  Fort Mims, August 30, 1813; Fort Blakely (Blakeley), April 9, 1865; Fort Bowyer, September 1814.

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