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An important duty of the governing body of Baldwin County remains the statutory requirement to make appointments to various miscellaneous boards, planning (zoning) boards, hospital boards (authorities) and water, sewer and fire protection authorities or districts within the jurisdictional confines of Baldwin County, Alabama.

The requirements are prescribed either by Alabama General Law (Alabama laws relating to all counties in Alabama) or Alabama [Baldwin County] Local Law (Alabama laws relating only to one county or political subdivision of the state.

Many of Alabama's General Laws or Alabama's [Baldwin County] Local Laws set forth certain requirements that a nominee must meet in order to be considered for, and appointed to, service on a board.  The Baldwin County Commission requires the Office of the County Administrator to compile information applicable to any proposed appointment to a board for review prior to a formal appointment.

To obtain information on boards, please contact the County Administration Office at 251.580.2564.
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