Baldwin County

Filing fee is $96.00

( ) 1. Petition for Adoption on form prescribed by §26-10A-16.
        a. Child must have lived in the home for one year.

( ) 2. Certified copy of child's birth certificate, or affidavit
        as required by §26-10A-16(c), to be filed with petition.

( ) 3. Consents of those required by §26-10A-7, on form
        prescribed by §26-10A-11, to be filed with petition.
        a. Watch Item #10.
        b. Consent must be signed in three different places
            and notarized once.

( ) 4. Proof of Notice/Waivers as required by §26-10A-17, to
        be filed with petition.
        a. Probate Court will serve notice to Department of
            Human Resources.

( ) 5. Report of Adoption (VS-17) for State Registrar of Vital

( ) 6. Copy of marriage license and any divorce decrees, if
        applicable, for the petitioners. If petitioners have
        never been divorced, affidavit stating this is the first
        and only marriage.

( ) 7. Photocopy of driver license.

Special circumstances may require additional information or motions.

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