Heritage Families
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Recognition Ceremony for Baldwin County Heritage Family Members. Photos courtesy of Jenni Guerry

Baldwin County Heritage Families Project

The Baldwin County Commission through its Department of Archives and History announces a project to recognize the early settlers of Baldwin County, Alabama. Citizens who are descendants of ancestors who lived in Baldwin County before 1920 are eligible to be designated as a Baldwin County Heritage Family member. Applicants must complete an application. A paper copy of the application should be hand delivered or mailed to 312 Courthouse Square, Suite 26, Bay Minette, Alabama 36507,  or you may email applications to: Email or fax to (251) 580-2528.

 A descendant qualifies for inclusion on the listing if they can show that they have an ancestor who lived in Baldwin County before 1920. Proof of record may include birth certificates, census records, deeds, family documents or any other valid record. Proof of ancestry is required as part of the application process. Each applicant must complete an application and can submit the application under only ONE ancestor. There is a place on the application for listing additional Baldwin County ancestors. ” 100 copies of A booklet titled “Baldwin County, Alabama Heritage Families” was printed as  a Bicentennial Project and made available to the public at the November 7, 2019 Bicentennial Exhibition held at the Daphne Civic Center. A PDF of the Heritage Families Booklet is published on our Social Media pages, The Baldwin County Commission Face Book Page and the Baldwin County Department of Archives and History Website.

 For more information, contact us at (251) 580-2572.