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Effective October 1, 2010, Baldwin Regional Area Transit System implemented our "No Show Policy". The no show policy is due to the abuse of our transit system and the increased cost to operate due to no shows. The goal of this policy is to eliminate individuals from scheduling trips and not canceling these trips if they are not able to travel. An additional goal is to help decrease the cost of operations to prevent increase in our fares. Our transit program will record and review no shows for abuse.

If you have any questions in regards to our "No Show Policy", please contact our transit program's Scheduling Department at any of the numbers below:
Eastern Shore                          Central & South Baldwin                  North Baldwin
251.990-4636                                251.972.6817                              251.937.0355

 A No Show is defined as:

  • Any travel-time having occurred to pick up a passenger that does not ride.
  • There has been no advance call by the customer or customer's representative to cancel the scheduled trip.
  • Trip is not canceled one hour prior to scheduled pick up time.
  • Any time a driver waits 3 minutes and passenger is not present or ready to leave.
  • When a passenger cancels trip once you have arrived at the pick-up location.
  • Non-canceled rides will be declared a No Show. If your first pick-up for the day is a No Show the remaining trips for the day will be canceled, unless scheduling has been notified.

No Show Policy

Passenger accumulating three (3) No Shows in a 30-day period will be suspended from all transit service for 14 days for the abuse of our transit program. If a passenger receives more than one suspension within a year, the second suspension will be thirty (30) days or longer. It will be determined on a case by case basis and may be a permanent suspension. Once a passenger receives two (2) No Shows, the passenger will be given verbal warning. Prior to any suspension a written notification will be mailed to the passenger. Individuals may appeal a suspension. All appeals must be in writing prior to the suspension date and directed to the Director of Transportation at P.O. Box 907 Robertsdale, Alabama 36567.

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