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    Our drivers can perform only reasonable assistance in boarding and de-boarding. Reasonable assistance is defined as opening of a door, offering of an arm, or helping with minimal number of packages (See Parcel Policy below). Drivers are trained to provide minimal assistance only and are not trained to provide medical assistance. BRATS offers origin to destination service meaning our driver will provide reasonable assistance within a 25 foot radius of the bus. Our drivers must maintain sight of the vehicle to ensure the safety of any passengers on board as well as security of the vehicle itself. We do not enter homes and there is a limit of three (3) steps, so passengers please have a friend or family member accompany you as a Personal Care Assistant (PCA) if you need further assistance. No additional charge will be made for the Personal Care Assistant (PCA) to accompany the passenger. This PCA must be a minimum of 18 years old and must have the ability to assist the passenger with all of their needs. A passenger is limited to one Personal Care Assistant. All nursing homes or assisted-living passengers must be accompanied by a PCA. This PCA is deemed necessary since either a family member or a medical physician has deemed the residents at these facilities as needing additional assistance.

    Parcels (Groceries) are allowed if the passenger can reasonably carry and control the parcel. The passenger must be able to get the parcel(s) on and off the vehicle in one trip, stabilize it, and control it through the transit trip. For non-ambulatory passengers or other passengers with disabilities, the parcel should be such that the driver or an accompanying person can carry the parcel(s) on and off the vehicle in one trip, stabilize it, and with the assistance of a cardboard box or likeness, have the parcel(s) under control for the trip. Any parcel that either directly or indirectly threatens the safe transportation of passengers will not be allowed. Only the driver or the PCA may assist with passenger parcels.

  • On Demand Response routes, drivers can only wait at your residence for three (3) minutes. Please be prompt, as the driver must be able to pick up the next passenger on time.
  • No child under the age of 13 years old may ride a demand response route without an adult of the age of 18 years or older.
  • Because of unpredictable traffic and weather — you must allow for a 30 minute variation in pick-up time. For example, if your scheduled pick-up time is 9:00 AM, you will be picked up anytime between 8:45 AM and 9:15 AM. When making your appointments, please take this fact into consideration.

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