Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA)

The Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) addresses the detection, elimination and prevention of sexual abuse in all incarceration facilities throughout the United States. PREA directs the collection and dissemination of information on the incidence of juvenile on juvenile sexual violence as well as staff sexual misconduct with juveniles in custody.

PREA applies to all public and private institutions that house juvenile and/or adult offender, males or females. PREA is applicable to the smallest residential facility as well as facilities that hold hundreds of juveniles.

The Baldwin County Regional Juvenile Detention Center has a ZERO-TOLERANCE policy of sexual abuse and sexual harassment. We are committed to ensuring a safe, humane and secure environment, free from the threat of sexual abuse and sexual harassment of all detainees and staff/volunteers/contracted personnel/interns.

If you suspect sexual abuse or harassment has happened at the Baldwin County Regional Juvenile Detention Center, you have several options for reporting. All reports are investigated and we take each of them very seriously. These options include:

1. Contacting Facility Administration

  • Ronald Ballard, Director  (251) 580-2540 - Email
  • Twana Bishop, Detention Coordinator (PREA Coordinator) 
                                            (251) 580-2540 - Email
  • Rudy Kennedy, Compliance Manager
                                            (251) 580-2540 - Email
2. Contacting the Baldwin County Sheriff's Office

3. Contacting the ADYS State PREA Coordinator
                                                          (334) 215-3802

4. ADYS Sexual Assault Hotline    1 (855) 332-1594

You may also report using the Third Party Reporting for Alleged Sexual Abuse/Assault and Harassment form.