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Victim Services

One goal of our office is to keep our victims well informed, safe and as comfortable as possible throughout the trial process.

The Trial Coordinator serves as a liaison between victims and the Assistant District Attorneys. It is the Trial Coordinator’s job to:

  • Keep victims updated on the status of their cases
  • Provide information about upcoming court dates
  • Assist in obtaining restitution that is owed to the victim by the offender
  • Answer any questions they may have about the trial process.

Should a case proceed to a jury trial, the Trial Coordinator will accompany the victim throughout that term.

Our Trial Coordinators also assist the Assistant District Attorneys by preparing files with any information the attorneys may need, such as police reports, photos, medical records, and victim and witness contact information. They also coordinate meetings with victims, law enforcement, witnesses, and any other agencies involved in the case.

Additional Help for Victims

Alabama Crime Victims Compensation Commission
Financial help to pay medical bills and lost wages related directly to the incident. Applications may be obtained online. IMPORTANT: The claim must be filed within one year of the incident.

The Lighthouse
Full-service domestic violence and rape crisis program serving victims in Baldwin County, AL and Escambia County, AL. (251) 947-6008.

Alabama Attorney General’s Office
Victim assistance and information
Criminal appeal notification.
Sex offender release notification

IMPORTANT: To ensure you receive notifications you must notify AG’s Office of any change in your address. 


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