​Manufactured Home Registration
Basic Registration Information:

Manufactured Homes 20 model years and newer: Title documentation or Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin (MCO) along with a valid bill of sale. Owner must be present or provide a power of attorney for someone to handle transaction for them, if title work is involved. 

Manufactured Homes older than 20 years: Previous registration documentation from seller and properly completed bill of sale. Owner must be present or provide a power of attorney for someone to handle transaction for them. This transaction is exempt from title.

Additional Information: You have 30 days from purchase date in which to register your manufactured home without penalty.  You can be cited if the manufactured home decal is not displayed properly.  Citation fees are $15.00.  If not paid within 15 days, an additional $24 penalty will be charged. Sales tax may also be due at the time of registration. 

If a customer owns and lives in a manufactured home that is located on their personal property, their sticker/yearly registration is issued to them through the Revenue Commission office.

If a customer owns a Manufactured Home, but they rent the land, the sticker is issued through the Probate office. 

All rentals are handled in Probate.

Move Permit: Before a manufactured home may be moved on the highways of Alabama, a move permit must be obtained from the office of the Probate Judge.  A  fee of $10 will be charged for the moving of each manufactured home (regardless of the number of transportable modules to be moved).  Proof of payment of any applicable property taxes or the current registration fee, issuance fee, and any applicable penalties shall be required before the move permit will be issued.  This move permit shall be in addition to any other move permits required by law.  Other permits may be required. Please contact the Baldwin County Commission for additional information.

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