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The Baldwin County Revenue Commission Mapping Department is responsible for maintaining an up to date set of tax maps that meet the specifications set by the Alabama Department of Revenue Property Tax Division.

The tax maps are an essential tool in the development and maintenance of an equitable assessment system. They are indispensable in parcel identification and location and are regularly updated to show changes in parcel boundaries and other physical characteristics.

Property is updated a year in arrears, meaning property is mapped based on the way it was on October 1st of the previous year.

  • For example if you recorded your deed after October 1st of this year it would not show up on the map viewer until after October 1st of next year.

Contact the Mapping Department at 251-937-0245 or email.

**The revenue department mapping system will be performing an upgrade over the next few weeks. Updates to the maps may experience a delay during this period.

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If you have problems searching the map viewer please contact the Baldwin County Revenue Commission.

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