Revenue ​Commission FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Why does it seem to take so long for the tax bill to reflect the change of ownership from seller to buyer?

  • How does the County and State arrive at the value of my house?

  • How often will my house be appraised?

  • If I make an addition to my home or put a new building on my property, when should the Assessing Division be notified?

  • How do market value and tax levies affect my property taxes?

  • If I do not think that the estimated market value of my home is fair, is there anything that I can do?

  • Where can I find some helpful person to advise me and answer my questions about my property?

Values and Appeals Process FAQ

  • What is the basis for my appraised value?

  • How do I appeal the appraised value?

  • Can I file an appeal by phone?

  • What if I can’t make my scheduled appointment for an appeal hearing?

  • Will the Revenue Commissioner’s website show my new appraised value?

  • Why did I not receive a Valuation Notice?

  • Will you be rescheduling Informal Hearings or Board Equalization Hearings?

  • Is the Valuation Notice My Tax Bill?