Bicentennial Park Historic Exhibits & Recreation
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Choose 105 Acres of Exhibits and/or Recreation to view.

The Baldwin County Bicentennial Park is a 367-acre area park (262 Acres of Undisturbed Area) in North Baldwin County, which was designated by the Baldwin County Commission during the County’s Bicentennial in 2009.  The Park consists of a Hike and Bike Trail and is open to the public and tourists visiting for other opportunities. The Baldwin County Bicentennial Park is dedicated to preserving the county’s rich cultural heritage and leaving a historical legacy for future generations.

Park staff look forward to welcoming visitors into our park.  Please consider their safety by following the CDC’s recommendations for visiting parks and recreational facilities. 

Before Your Visit

•             Stay with immediate household members only. Recreation with those outside of your household creates new avenues for virus transmission.

•             Staff will clean the facilities and replenish supplies as least once daily (subject to the availability of all supplies). 

•             Come prepared. You are advised to bring your own soap, water, hand sanitizer and toilet paper, as well as a mask or bandana to cover your nose and mouth.

•             Enjoy the outdoors when healthy. If you have symptoms of fever, coughing or shortness of breath, save your outdoor adventure for another day.

When You Get There

•             Avoid crowds. Be prepared to go somewhere else or come back another time if your destination looks crowded.

•             Practice physical distancing. Keep 6 feet between you and those outside your immediate household.

•             Wash your hands often. Keep up on personal hygiene and bring your own water, soap and hand sanitizer with you. 

•             Pack out what you pack in. Take any garbage with you, including disposable gloves and masks.

•             Be kind and respectful to our park staff and to one another.