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Title Type Size
May_24_2022_Primary_ByPrecinct_official pdf 485 KB DownloadMay_24_2022_Primary_ByPrecinct_official
May_24_2022_Primary_StatisticsByPrecinct_official pdf 146 KB DownloadMay_24_2022_Primary_StatisticsByPrecinct_official
may_24_2022_Primary_official pdf 48 KB Downloadmay_24_2022_Primary_official
February 15th, 2022 Zoning District Election By Precinct pdf 41 KB DownloadFebruary 15th, 2022 Zoning District Election By Precinct
February15th, 2022 Zoning District Election Summary pdf 48 KB DownloadFebruary15th, 2022 Zoning District Election Summary
Sep-21-2021-Special-School-Tax-Election-Summary-unofficial pdf 38 KB DownloadSep-21-2021-Special-School-Tax-Election-Summary-unofficial
Sep-21-2021-Special-School-Tax-Election-by-precinct-unofficial pdf 47 KB DownloadSep-21-2021-Special-School-Tax-Election-by-precinct-unofficial
November3rd2020byprecinctOfficial pdf 214 KB DownloadNovember3rd2020byprecinctOfficial
November3rd2020SummaryOfficial pdf 44 KB DownloadNovember3rd2020SummaryOfficial
July 14th, 2020 State Primary Runoff by Precinct pdf 79 KB DownloadJuly 14th, 2020 State Primary Runoff by Precinct

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