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Step 1. Record your deed in the Probate Office (Locate Probate Offices)

Step 2. Bring copy of the recorded deed to the Revenue Commission Assessment Office and claim any exemptions you may be entitled to; ALSO, bring copy of drivers license for each property owner listed as Grantee on the deed.

Step 3. Report all ownership and/or address changes promptly to the Revenue Commission

* When property is purchased during the year, please ensure taxes are up-to-date. The tax bill will usually be in the previous owner's name. You are responsible for taxes on all property you own, no matter whose name the bill is addressed to.

Making Additions or Deletions to Current Property:
The law requires that owners, or their agent, must come to the Revenue Commissioner's Office no later than December 31st, to sign a new assessment officially reporting any improvements made or removal of structures or features from their properties completed on or before October 1st of that year.

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