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Revenue Commission Tax Valuation Notices 2020
2020 Appeal Information (appeal period expired May 29, 2020)
2020 Public Notice


Revenue Commission 2019 Property Tax Lien Auction
2019 Property Tax Lien Auction Advertisement


Revenue Commission announces important delinquent property tax information
Delinquent Property Tax Announcement
Resolution 2018-107


Optional Personal Property Assessment Link
Beginning 2016 itemized personal property returns will be available via OPPAL, a web based program that will allow property owners to file their returns electronically.  This service will allow owners to file personal property returns using the internet.


Property Tax Bills - Change in Return Address
Read the "Change in Property Tax Return Address" Press Release

Act 2013-370 Excess Funds
Act 2013-370

Homestead Exemptions - Act 2013-295
Act 2013-295
Act 2013-295 Homestead Exemption Act memo


Act 2011-535 Immigration Act