Baldwin County is rich in history.  From the time it was settled, Baldwin County played a pivotal role in the military, social, and economic history of the entire state. With areas settled by French, Spanish, English, and Germans all over the county, each town in the area has a distinct personality and there are numerous houses and districts that are part of the National Register of Historic Places. 

There are a number of small communities all over Baldwin County that are home to historic homes and buildings built over 100 years ago.

Whether you're looking for historic sites to visit or a beautiful little community steeped in history to settle in, there are a number of places to look all over Baldwin County. People here are proud of their communities and proud of the unique cultures and traditions to be found everywhere you look.  Below are lists of Historic Sites, Historic Churches, Historic Homes and Historic Districts in Baldwin County.  You can also visit our photo gallery and journey forward through Baldwin County’s past!

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